Poster presentation @ Twenty-fourth International Conference on Learning

The shortened link to this page is Please feel free to share it. 
This page provides more information on my PhD research for the poster presentation at Twenty-fourth International Conference on Learning in Honolulu. I encourage everyone viewing my poster to post relevant feedback and discussions using two of the apps used by my participants: Google Drive and Padlet. I believe in dialogic feedback and will respond to your comments.

You can leave general comments on the expandable Padlet below (no account needed -- just click anywhere), where I have already explained some key concepts as used in my study. (Comments are also possible next to digital poster linked above, if you have a Canva account.)

I also welcome comments on these Google Docs (no account needed) linked below. 




Findings (preliminary)

Paper presentation

The paper presentation 'Decoding Literacy Practices...' (Wed 19 July) by Dr Sally Ng and me is about a different study, based on research done with a different secondary school in Singapore. You can find the Google Slides here. Please feel free to comment on them directly.